Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mami's Million Dollar Fudge


I decided this past Christmas to attempt fudge. Or tackle it. Or consume it in large quantities. Whatever.

In any case, I asked my good friend, Beth, for a kosher fudge recipe, so she found her grandmother's recipe book and snapped this picture for me. 

How to: 

It is to die for. It's also responsible for about 20 stubborn pounds that won't get lost. You've been forewarned. 

Side notes: 

That penciled in note is correct. It's 4.5 cups of sugar. Ooooh yeah. Also I had to chill it in the freezer a few hours to get it solid enough to slice with no mess, and then I had to keep dipping the butter knife in hot water to clean it so it would slide easily. 

A delicious variation is to replace the German sweet chocolate with 10 oz of Andes mints pieces and a 2 oz chunk of dark chocolate. That is what is photographed and what we've been munching on this week. 

Enjoy! Once you make this, you'll be hooked!