About Mi Cocina

It was a fall afternoon.  It was grocery day.  We were making our menu plan for the following two weeks and I was searching through various cookbooks, bunches of scratch pieces of paper with scribbles on them, recipe cards, Word documents on my computer, and bookmarked websites online. 

"This is ridiculous," I muttered in frustration, "I need it all in one place."

And then the idea was born...  I needed an electronic archive of all of my recipes.  Then began the search for how to do it.  It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted something I could organize and categorize myself and access from anywhere.  My bloggy brain went into action and soon a new blog was born: "Mi Querida Cocina," named after my other blog.  I was going to keep it private, but I changed my mind when it was easier to share my recipes by just handing over a url rather than emailing or copying something.  So here you have it... my "recipe box" for all to share and use. 

I might as well warn you now.  The majority of the recipes are not healthy in the slightest.  Or maybe they are.  I really have no idea.  I just don't pay attention.  Also, I am a simple cook.  If it has more than 5 ingredients (not counting spices) I probably won't try cooking it.  If the ingredient list includes more than one item I haven't used before, I probably won't try it.  And if it doesn't knock my socks off with how yummy it is, I might not post it.

So with that said...  roam freely and let me know what you like in Mi Cocina.