Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decadent Hot Chocolate

*Picture provided by Sarah Valente.


hot cocoa mix
chocolate chips
kosher marshmallows
peppermint candy cane

How To:  

I've lost the original link to Sarah's version of this, so I start by heating water in a teapot, while at the same time, filling about a third of the mug with milk.  Heat the milk so it's steaming hot.  Add your desired amount of hot cocoa and mix until smooth.  Then add the water when it's hot enough.  Drop in a small handful of chocolate chips and stir so they melt.  Top with marshmallows and mix it with a candy cane.


  1. I LOVE this recipe! I saw it on Sarah's blog last year and immediately ran upstairs and made a cup! It's so so good!! Hmmm...may just have to go make myself a cup!