Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turkey Penne Pasta Salad



cooked and drained whole wheat penne pasta
cooked turkey, shredded OR canned chicken
thinly sliced celery
cherry tomatoes, halved
one avocado, cut into hunks (optional)
bleu cheese crumbles
dried basil leaves, flaked
sea salt to taste
olive oil

How to:  Just click here.

Side Notes:  In the picture above, I used canned chicken instead of turkey (don't tell Mckmama about my unhealthy substitution - this recipe is one of the few really healthy ones on this blog), and omitted the avocado. I love avocado, but I actually like this recipe better without it.

For lactose intolerance, omit the bleu cheese and add Ranch dressing or balsamic vinegar instead. Raisins (for sweetness) and peanuts (for crunch) make good additions as well.

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